Upcoming Issue of JCS: The Legacy of Francisco Varela

Read on to find out about our upcoming special issue of the Journal of Consciousness Studies on ‘The Legacy of Francisco Varela’, and to hear all the latest updates related to JCS. 

Upcoming Release: 

‘The Legacy of Francisco Varela’, vol. 30, number 11-12, ed. by Sebastjan Vörös

 The next release of JCS focuses on ‘The Legacy of Francisco Varela’, guest edited by Sebastjan Vörös. This issue includes discussions surrounding non-dualism, questions of the self, Buddhism and metaphysics – all tied to Varela’s ideas on consciousness and philosophy. Examples of articles include: ‘F/acts: Ways of Enactive Worldmaking’, by Ezequiel A. Di Paolo; ‘Cognitive Science Today, What is it to You?’, by Hanne De Jaegher; and ‘Francisco Varela: A Philosophy of Surprise’ by Natalie Depraz. We hope you enjoy reading.

While You Wait…

If you haven’t read it already, the latest issue of JCS is the perfect material to tide you over until our next release. In What Forms Could Introspective Systems Take? A Research Programme’ by François Kammerer and Keith Frankish, scholars interested in the study of animal, human and AI consciousness respond to Kammerer and Frankish’s questions surrounding natural and artificial minds.


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