Table of Contents: Vol. 27, No. 3-4, March/April 2020

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

Acting Ahead of Actuality: On the Temporally Extended Mind

Special Issue edited by Zdravko Radman

3 About Authors

7 Editorial Introduction: Acting Ahead of Actuality: Emancipation from Immediacy Zdravko Radman

11 Anchoring Know-How: Action, Affordance, and Anticipation Shaun Gallagher & Benjamin Aguda

38 Anticipatory Action: Active Inference in Embodied Cognitive Activity Ian Robertson & Michael D. Kirchhoff

69 The Prospective Nature of Involuntary Entry into Consciousness Wei Dou, Erica B.Walker & Ezequiel Morsella

88 A New Motor Approach to Consciousness: Implications for the Simulation of Future Behaviour Michael S.A. Graziano & Ezequiel Morsella

104 Improvisation in Action: A Neurophenomenological Perspective Nelson Mauro Maldonato & Benedetta Muzii

128 Wild Stories: Science, Consciousness, and the Anticipatory Narratives in Which We Live J. Scott Jordan

152 Unfulfilled Prophecies in Sport Performance: Active Inference and the Choking Effect Massimiliano Cappuccio, Michael D. Kirchhoff, Fady Alnajjar & Jun Tani

185 Psychological Anticipation: The ITPRA Theory David Huron

203 Postscript: ‘Aheadness’ — Prospective Adaptations towards the Actual Zdravko Radman

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