Table of Contents: Vol. 26, No. 7-8, July/August 2019

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

Phenomenological, Philosophical, and
Scientific Perspectives on Meditation

Special Issue edited by Terje Sparby and Ulrich Weger

4 About Authors

8 Editorial Introduction Terje Sparby & Ulrich W. Weger

12 The Mystic and the Metaphysician: Clarifying the Role of Meditation in the Search for Ultimate Reality Miri Albahari

37 Processual Thinking as a Gate to Spiritual Enquiry: Calling for a Meditative Approach Ulrich W. Weger

49 Epoché in Light of Samatha-Vipassanā Meditation: Chögyam Trungpa’s Buddhist Teaching Facing Husserl’s Phenomenology Natalie Depraz

70 Embodying the Non-Dual: A Phenomenological Perspective on Shikantaza Sebastjan Vörös

95 Loving-Kindness Meditation — A Queen of Hearts? A Physio-Phenomenological Investigation on the Variety of Experience Marisa Przyrembel, Pascal Vrtička, Veronika Engert & Tania Singer

130 Phenomenology and Contemplative Universals: The Meditative Experience of Dhyāna, Coalescence, or Access Concentration Terje Sparby

157 ‘I Have This Feeling of Not Really Being Here’: Buddhist Meditation and Changes in Sense of Self Jared R. Lindahl & Willoughby B. Britton

184 Ethnography of Meditation: An Account of Pursuing Meditative Practice as a Tool for Researching Consciousness Urban Kordeš, Aleš Oblak, Maja Smrdu & Ema Demšar

238 Relational Phenomenology: Individual Experience and Social Meaning in Buddhist Meditation Werner Vogd & Jonathan Harth

268 Enhancing Mindfulness by Combining Neurofeedback with Meditation Marcel Prestel, Rebecca Riedl, Rudolf Stark & Ulrich Ott

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