Table of Contents: Vol. 26, No. 3-4, March/April 2019

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

Representing Ourselves: Reflexive Approaches
to the Function of Consciousness

Special Issue edited by Max Jones,
Takuya Niikawa and Roly Perera

4 About Authors

8 Editorial Introduction Max Jones, Takuya Niikawa & Roly Perera

17 Attributing Awareness to Others: The Attention Schema Theory and Its Relationship to Behavioural Prediction Michael S.A. Graziano

38 Bayesian Frugality and the Representation of Attention Krzysztof Dołęga & Joe Dewhurst

64 Explaining the Enduring Intuition of Substantiality: The Phenomenal Self as an Abstract ‘Salience Object’ Wanja Wiese

88 Consciousness (Unconsciously) Designs Itself Axel Cleeremans

112 Import Theory: The Social Making of Consciousness Wolfgang Prinz

131 Cartesian Creatures: Watching Ourselves Watching the World Roly Perera

155 Representing Our Options: The Perception of Affordances for Bodily and Mental Action Tom McClelland

181 Getting the World Right: Perceptual Accuracy and the Role of the Perceiver in Predictive Processing Models Tobias Schlicht & Elmarie Venter

207 Minimal Self-Awareness from Within: A Developmental Perspective Anna Ciaunica & Laura Crucianelli

227 Consciousness, Language, and the Possibility of Non-human Personhood: Reflections on Elephants Don Ross

252 Are There Degrees of Self-Consciousness? Raphaël Millière

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