Table of Contents: Vol. 26, No. 11-12, November/December 2019

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

4 About Authors

Refereed Papers

8 On Scepticism about Unconscious Perception Jacob Berger & Myrto Mylopoulos

33 The Empirical Status of the Pictorial View of Meaning Fabrizio Calzavarini

60 Locating Consciousness: Why Experience Can’t Be Objectified Thomas W. Clark

86 Physicalism, Supernaturalism, and Near-Death Experiences: A Phenomenological Perspective Gérald Hess

107 Exploring Inner Perceptions: Interoception, Literature, and Mindfulness Karin Kukkonen

133 A Role for the Prefrontal Cortex in Supporting Singular Demonstrative Reference Felipe Nogueira de Carvalho & Albert Newen

157 Spinoza’s Dream Argument: A Response to Introspective Arguments for Freedom James Petrik & David Rose

182 Heart and Mind, Light and Love: The Right Intuitive Mind of Joan of Arc Carole Brooks Platt

203 The Characteristics of Exceptional Human Experiences Amira D. Sagher, Bethany Butzer & Helané Wahbeh

Conference Report

238 Peak Experiences in a Consciousness Landscape: Report on The Science of Consciousness Conference in Interlaken, Switzerland, 2019 Hans Liljenström

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264 Index of Titles 2019

268 Index of Names 2019


  1. Shaikh Raisuddin on 7th December 2019 at 12:05 pm

    Reg: “Locating Consciousness: Why Experience Can’t Be Objectified”

    1. Can Thomas W. Clark locate an “address” of anything? Everything is divisible and moving. Hence a tempo-spatial distribution is log of locations (world line/sheet/volume in terms of theory of relativity).

    2. Experiences are indeed objectified by memories ie episodic memories. As we objectify them in cities and towns by pathways.

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