Table of Contents: Vol. 26, No. 1-2, January/February 2019

Journal of Consciousness Studies

controversies in science & the humanities

Reflections on Integrated Information Theory

Special Issue edited by
Garrett Mindt

4 About Authors

7 Editorial Introduction Garrett Mindt

11 The Phi Measure of Integrated Information is not Well-Defined for General Physical Systems Adam B. Barrett & Pedro A.M. Mediano

21 Integrated Information Theory as a Complexity Science Approach to Consciousness Luis H. Favela

48 IIT vs. Russellian Monism: A Metaphysical Showdown on the Content of Experience Matteo Grasso

76 Interpretation-Neutral Integrated Information Theory Kelvin J. McQueen

107 Implementation, Formalization, and Representation: Challenges for Integrated Information Theory Carlos Montemayor, J. Acacio de Barros & Leonardo P.G. De Assis

133 Is Consciousness Intrinsic? A Problem for the Integrated Information Theory Hedda Hassel Mørch

163 Exploring Common Ground between Integrated Information Theory and Aristotelian Metaphysics Matthew Owen

188 What is the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness? A Catalogue of Questions Adam Pautz

Regular Refereed Papers

216 Quantum Spontaneity and the Development of Consciousness James Arnold

235 Does SoS Theory Provide a Basis for a Plausible and Testable Account of Consciousness? Chris Nunn

Book Reviews

250 Hans Christian von Baeyer, QBism: The Future of Quantum Physics, reviewd by Donald Mender

255 Max Velmans, Toward a Deeper Understanding of Consciousness, reviewed by Steve Torrance

263      Books Received

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