Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 31, No. 1 – 2, January/February 2024

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

4 About Authors

Refereed Papers

8 Preserving the Normative Significance of Sentience Leonard Dung

31 Measuring Phenomenal Consciousness in Delirium: The New Black Eamonn Eeles, Andrew Teodorczuk & Nadeeka Dissanayaka

51 A Simple, Testable Mind–Body Solution? Mostyn Jones

76 Introspection in Emotion Research: Challenges and Insights Leiszle Lapping-Carr, Alek E. Krumm, Cody Kaneshiro & Christopher L. Heavey

110 The Consciousness of Acting: The Effect of Divided and Unified Consciousness on Acting Performance Maria Pleshkevich & Mark E. Mattson

138 The ‘No-Supervenience’ Theorem and its Implications for Theories of Consciousness Catherine M. Reason

149 Panexperientialism and Radical Emergence William S. Robinson

173 Seeking the Neural Correlates of Awakening Julien Tempone-Wiltshire

204 The Neural Basis of Our Responses to Reading Novels: On Being Moved, the Motion in Emotion Michael Trimble, Dale Hesdorffer & Robert Letellier

Book Reviews

227 Paco Calvo and Natalie Lawrence, Planta Sapiens: Unmasking Plant Intelligence, reviewed by Uziel Awret

235 Silvia Paddock and Thomas J. Buervenich, Plato’s Prisoners, reviewed by Jo Edwards

242 Nicholas Humphrey, Sentience: The Invention of Consciousness, reviewed by Alex Gomez-Marin

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