Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 30, No. 9 – 10, September/October 2023

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

What Forms Could Introspective Systems Take?

Special Issue edited by François Kammerer and Keith Frankish

4 About Authors

9 Editorial Introduction: Possible Introspective Systems François Kammerer & Keith Frankish

Target Article

13 What Forms Could Introspective Systems Take? A Research Programme François Kammerer & Keith Frankish


49 Introspection in the Disordered Mind and the Superintrospectionitis Thesis Alexandre Billon

63 Studying Introspection in Animals and Ais Heather Browning & Walter Veit

75 Subpersonal Introspection Peter Carruthers & Christopher F. Masciari

86 Models of Introspection vs. Introspective Devices: Testing the Research Programme for Possible Forms of Introspection Krzysztof Dołęga

102 Studies of Primate Metacognition are Relevant to Determining What Form Introspection Could Take in Different Intelligent Systems Maisy D. Englund & Michael J. Beran

113 Metacognitive Psychophysics in Humans, Animals, and AI: A Research Agenda for Mapping Introspective Systems Stephen M. Fleming

129 Minds in Motion and Introspective Minds Bryce Huebner & Sonam Kachru

143 Introspective Capabilities in Large Language Models Robert Long

154 Sliders Pete Mandik

164 Can We Use the Study of Introspection to Assess Decision-Making and Understand Consciousness in Cephalopods? Jennifer Mather & Michaella P. Andrade

174 The Routes of Introspection Adriana Renero

188 Introspection in Group Minds, Disunities of Consciousness, and Indiscrete Persons Eric Schwitzgebel & Sophie R. Nelson

204 A Framework for Self-Representational Capacities? Maja Spener

215 How Not to Identify a Research Programme Concerning Introspection Daniel Stoljar

223 On Possible and Actual Human Introspection Wayne Wu

Reply to Commentators

235 More Possibilities for Introspection: Reply to Commentators François Kammerer & Keith Frankish

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