Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 30, No. 7 – 8, July/August 2023

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

Emotional Consciousness

Special Issue edited by Raamy Majeed

3 About Authors

6 Introduction: Emotional Consciousness Raamy Majeed

13 The Phenomenology of Emotional Expression Joel Smith

36 Exploring Affective-Evaluative Horizons Jonathan Mitchell

61 Personal Intentionalism and the Understanding of Emotion Experience Sarah Arnaud & Kathryn Pendoley

88 Intentional Feelings, Practical Agency, and Normative Commitments Mary Carman

112 Fear is Anticipatory: A Buddhist Analysis Bronwyn Finnigan

139 Consciousness, Attention, and the Motivation-Affect System Tom Cochrane

164 Towards an Affective Quality Space Laura Silva

196 Studying Animal Feelings: Integrating Sentience Research and Welfare Science Heather Browning & Walter Veit

223 Against Emotions as Feelings: Towards an Attitudinal Profile of Emotion Rodrigo Díaz

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