Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 30, No. 5 – 6, May/June 2023

Journal of Consciousness Studies. Controversies in science & the humanities

4 About Authors

Refereed Papers

9 Could You Have Thought Differently? An Argument Against Free Will Nicolas Alzetta

32 Quantum Indeterminism, Free Will, and Self-Causation Marco Masi

57 Responding to a Potpourri of Objections to the Modal Argument J.P. Moreland

75 Empirical Panpsychism: A New Synthesis Ben Schermbrucker

Symposium: Indigenous Philosophies of Consciousness

99 Editorial Introduction: Indigenous Philosophies of Consciousness Radek Trnka & Radmila Lorencova

103 Mexican Indigenous Psychologies, Cosmovisons, and Altered States of Consciousness Nuria Ciofalo

123 Guna Concepts of Consciousness, Soul, and Spirit Mònica Martínez Mauri

137 The Mapuche People: Cultural Beliefs Related to Consciousness, Mind, and Body Camila Pérez & Giuseppina Marsico

151 Indigenous Māori Notions of Consciousness, Soul, and Spirit Natasha Tassell-Matamua, Kiri MacDonald-Nepe Apatu, Te Rā Moriarty & Tama Tahuri

166 A Person as a Composite Entity: Telengit Perspectives Agnieszka Halemba & Svetlana Tyukhteneva

177 Beyond Mind–Body Dualism: Pluralistic Concepts of the Soul in Mongolian Shamanistic Traditions Ede Frecska, Ágnes Birtalan & Michael Winkelman

191 Igbo Consciousness of Healing: Studying Daa Ada Ocha, a Local Healer in Mbaise Kizito Chinedu Nweke

207 Heart, Not Souls, of Consciousness in Asabano Ethnopsychology Roger Ivar Lohmann

218 Building Bridges of Communication: Seeking Conversation between Indigenous and Western Cultures through Magical Consciousness Susan Greenwood

232 Variability in Cultural Understandings of Consciousness: A Call for Dialogue with Native Psychologies Radmila Lorencova & Radek Trnka

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