Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 30, No. 3 – 4, March/April 2023

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities


4 About Authors

Refereed Papers

7 Continuous Organismic Sentience as the Integration of Core Affect and Vitality Ignacio Cea & David Martínez-Pernía

34 What is an Identity Crisis? Nada Gligorov

59 Unconscious Intelligence in the Skilled Control of Expert Action Spencer Ivy

84 The ALARM Theory of Consciousness: A Two-Level Theory of Phenomenal Consciousness Albert Newen & Carlos Montemayor

106 The Phenomenal Hyperspace: A Study of the Dimensional and Spatio-temporal Structures of Phenomenal Space and Binding Pekka Rechardt

132 Introspection, Transparency, and Desire Michael Roche

155 Specious Present, Phenomenal Extension, and Mereological Inversion: A Problem for Physicalism about the Mind Lyu Zhou

Symposium: Commentaries on Dustin Stokes, Thinking and Perceiving with Précis and Reply

181 Précis of Thinking and Perceiving Dustin Stokes

192 Don’t Take it Too Subpersonally! Revisiting the Malleability of Perception Jérôme Dokic

202 The Modularity vs. Malleability of Perception: A Red Herring Nico Orlandi

212 Functional Visual Perception Requires Cognitive Representations Petra Vetter

222 Defending the Malleability of Perception: Reply to Commentators Dustin Stokes

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