Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 30, No. 11 – 12, November/December 2023

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

The Legacy of Francisco Varela

Special Issue edited by Sebastjan Vörös

3 About Authors

7 Introduction: On What is Always Before Our Eyes: The Uncharted Depths of Francisco Varela’s Thought Sebastjan Vörös

17 At the Cradle of Things: The Act of Distinction and Francisco Varela’s Non-Dualist Thought Sebastjan Vörös

47 Autopoiesis, Autonomy, and Eigenform Louis H. Kauffman

80 What Self in Self-Organization? Engaging Varela’s Epistemology for the Co-embodied Self Miriam Kyselo

104 Life After ‘Life After Kant’: Other Minds with Jonas and Merleau-Ponty Rodrigo Benevides, Tim Elmo Feiten & Anthony Chemero

131 Enactment: A Preliminary Study in Varela and Traditional Metaphysics Konrad Werner

159 F/acts: Ways of Enactive Worldmaking Ezequiel A. Di Paolo

190 The Pragmatics, Embodiment, and Efficacy of Lived Experience: Assessing the Core Tenets of Varela’s Neurophenomenology Tom Froese & John J. Sykes

214 Cognitive Science Today, What is it to You? Hanne De Jaegher

238 Francisco Varela: A Philosophy of Surprise Natalie Depraz

259 Beyond Emptiness: ‘Compassion’ as the Hidden Ground of Francisco Varela’s Thinking Andreas Weber

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286     Index of Names 2023

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