Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 29, No. 9 – 10, September/October 2022

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

Understanding Grief: Feeling, Intentionality, Regulation, and Interpretation

Special Issue edited by Matthew Ratcliffe, Becky Millar, and Louise Richardson

3 About Authors

7 Introduction Matthew Ratcliffe, Becky Millar & Louise Richardson

13 The ‘Pain’ of Grief Jennifer Radden

36 ‘Rather than Succour, My Memories Bring Eloquent Stabs of Pain’: On the Ambiguous Role of Memory in Grief Dorothea Debus & Louise Richardson

63 Grief as Attention Michael Cholbi

84 A Deeper Feeling of Grief Allan Køster

105 Intentionality’s Breaking Point: A Lesson from Grief Jan Slaby

128 Music’s Role in Relation to Phenomenological Aspects of Grief Kathleen Higgins

150 Illness, Injury, and the Phenomenology of Loss: A Dialogue Jonathan Cole & Matthew Ratcliffe

175 Grief in Chronic Illness: A Case Study of CFS/ME Eleanor A. Byrne

201 Interpretation and the Shaping of Experience: Theology of Suffering and C.S. Lewis’s A Grief Observed Tasia Scrutton

222 Communing with the Dead Online: Chatbots, Grief, and Continuing Bonds Joel Krueger & Lucy Osler

253 The Gift of Grief Jason Throop

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