Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 29, No. 3-4, March/April 2022

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

Animal Consciousness

Special Issue edited by
Jonathan Birch, Heather Browning,
Andrew Crump & Matthias Michel

4 About Authors

8 How Should We Study Animal Consciousness Scientifically? Jonathan Birch et al.

How does the evolution of consciousness
relate to the evolution of cognition?

29 The Futures of the Past: The Evolution of Imaginative Animals Oryan Zacks, Simona Ginsburg & Eva Jablonka

62 Evolutionary Transition Markers and the Origins of Consciousness Marta Halina, David Harrison & Colin Klein

What is stronger evidence of consciousness in animals: behaviour or neural mechanisms?

78 Behavioural and Neural Evidence for Conscious Sensation in Animals: An Inescapable Avenue towards Biopsychism? Victor A.F. Lamme

104 Animal Consciousness: The Interplay of Neural and Behavioural Evidence Andrew Crump & Jonathan Birch

How can we measure the subjectively
experienced side of welfare?

129 Concepts and Interrelationships of Awareness, Consciousness, Sentience, and Welfare Donald M. Broom

150 The Measurability of Subjective Animal Welfare Heather Browning

What is the ethical significance of consciousness?

180 Ethics Without Sentience: Facing Up to the Probable Insignificance of Phenomenal Consciousness François Kammerer

205 Speciesism and Sentientism Andrew Y. Lee

Could all life be conscious?

229 Could All Life Be Sentient? Evan Thompson

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