Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 29, No. 1-2, January/February 2022

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

3 About Authors

Refereed Papers

6 Do Biopsychosocial Causal Models Rule Out Physicalism? Tudor M. Baetu

30 An Adaptational Theory of Consciousness Charles F. Detmar

56 Integrated Information Theory as Testing Ground for Causation: Why Nested Hylomorphism Overcomes Physicalism and Panpsychism Javier Sánchez-Cañizares

79 Divine Madness: On the Aetiology of Romantic Obsession Keith Sutherland

113 Indigenous Concepts of Consciousness, Soul, and Spirit: A Cross-Cultural Perspective Radek Trnka & Radmila Lorencova

Symposium: Commentaries on Elizabeth Schechter, Self-Consciousness and ‘Split’ Brains: The Minds’ I, with Précis and Reply

141 Introduction Louise Antony

142 Précis of Self-Consciousness and ‘Split’ Brains: The Minds’ I Elizabeth Schechter

153 Human Brains and Animal Minds Peter Godfrey-Smith

160 How Far is there a Fact of the Matter? William G. Lycan

170 Which Agent? Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

179 Reply to Commentators Elizabeth Schechter


204 Frank Jackson on Mind, Language, and Morality Jeremiah Joven Joaquin

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