Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 28, No. 9-10, September/October 2021

Journal of Consciousness Studies: controversies in science & the humanities

Is Consciousness Everywhere?
Essays on Panpsychism

Special Issue edited by
Philip Goff and Alex Moran

4 About Authors

9 Is Consciousness Everywhere? Essays on Panpsychism Philip Goff & Alex Moran

1. The Scientists

16 Consciousness and the Laws of Physics Sean Carroll

32 Relations and Panpsychism Carlo Rovelli

36 Physics, Time, and Qualia Marina Cortês, Lee Smolin & Clelia Verde

52 The Real Problem(s) with Panpsychism Anil K. Seth

65 Reflections of a Natural Scientist on Panpsychism Christof Koch

76 Autism and Panpsychism: Putting Process in Mind Jonathan Delafield-Butt

91 Dr Goff, Tear Down This Wall! The Interface Theory of Perception and the Science of Consciousness Robert Prentner

104 What is a Theory of Consciousness for? Chris Fields

2. The Philosophers

116 Is Panpsychism at Odds with Science? Luke Roelofs

129 A Solution to the Combination Problem and the Future of Panpsychism Annaka Harris

141 Galileo’s Real Error Keith Frankish

147 Qualities and the Galilean View Michelle Liu

163 Grounding the Qualitative: A New Challenge for Panpsychism Alex Moran

181 Panpsychism and the Limits of Physical Science Alyssa Ney

194 Missing Entities: Has Panpsychism Lost the Physical World? Damian Aleksiev

212 Can a Post-Galilean Science of Consciousness Avoid Substance Dualism? Ralph Stefan Weir

229 ‘Oh You Materialist!’ Galen Strawson

3. The Theologians

250 Why a Panpsychist Should Adopt Theism: God, Galileo, and Goff Joanna Leidenhag

268 Panpsychism and Spiritual Flourishing: Constructive Engagement with the New Science of Psychedelics Sarah Lane Ritchie

4. Replies from Philip Goff

289 Putting Consciousness First: Replies to Critics Philip Goff

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