Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 28, No. 7-8, July/August 2021

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

Sentience and Consciousness

Special Issue edited by
Karina J. Linnell and Leonardo Ferreira Almada

4 About Authors

9 Introduction Leonardo Ferreira Almada & Karina J. Linnell

18 Preface Antonio Damasio & Hanna Damasio

Target Paper

22 The Role of Sentience in the Theory of Consciousness and Medical Practice Alfredo Pereira Jr.


51 ‘The Role of Sentience in the Theory of Consciousness and Medical Practice’: A Commentary Chris Nunn

61 On the (Too) Many Faces of Consciousness Stevan Harnad

67 Why is there Sentience? A Temporo-Spatial Approach to Consciousness Georg Northoff

83 Many Paths to Consciousness or Just One? Life in a Bounded Continuum Gerry Leisman & Calixto Machado

97 The Role of Sentience in Discovering the Beholden by the Beholder Tina Lindhard

121 How Sentience Relates to Dual Process Distinctions of Consciousness Samuel C. Bellini-Leite

130 The Role of Instrumental and Epistemic Inferences in Sentience and Cognitive Consciousness Mariano D’Angelo & Maicol Vallicelli

141 Sentience and the Evolution of Animal Mind Antonio Alcaro

154 Primordial Emotions, Neural Substrates, and Sentience: Affective Neuroscience Relevant to Psychiatric Practice Alessandro Colasanti & Hugo D. Critchley

174 A Continuum of Consciousness: From Wakefulness and Sentience Towards Anoetic Consciousness Marie M.P. Vandekerckhove

Supplementary Paper

183 Sentience and Conscious Experience: Feeling Dizzy on a Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Ride Alfredo Pereira Jr.

Reply to Commentators

199 Reply to Commentaries and Future Directions Alfredo Pereira Jr.

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