Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 28, No. 5-6, May/June 2021

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

4 About Authors

Refereed Papers

6 Illusions of Affection: A Hyper-Illusory Account of Normative Valence Mihailis E. Diamantis

30 Mechanical Keyboards and Crystal Arrows: Incorporation in Esports David Ekdahl

58 Critique of the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness: Or, the Relevance of Ontological Information Ari Peuhu

79 Motion Perception and the Temporal Metaphysics of Consciousness Henry Pollock & Samantha Strong

102 Conscious Macrostates Do Not Supervene on Physical Microstates Catherine M. Reason & Kushal Shah

121 Susan Schneider’s Proposed Tests for AI Consciousness: Promising but Flawed David Billy Udell & Eric Schwitzgebel

145 Can the Psi Data Help Us Make Progress on the Problem of Consciousness? George R. Williams


173 Questioning Conscious Realism: A Conversation with Donald Hoffman about Evolution, Material Multiplicity, and Life Outside ‘The Interface’ David R. Gruber

Annual Essay Prize Winner, Center for Philosophical Psychology, University of Antwerp

198 A Fresh Look at the Two Visual Streams Benjamin Henke

Book Reviews

208 Peter Godfrey-Smith, Metazoa: Animal Life and the Birth of the Mind, Review by Jo Edwards & James Blackmon

217 Bruce Greyson, After: A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal About Death and Beyond, Review by John Martin Fischer

225 James Lovelock, Novacene: The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence,Reviewed by Chris Nunn

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