Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 28, No. 11-12, November/December 2021

Journal of Consciousness Studies: controversies in science & the humanities

4 About Authors

Refereed Papers

7 What Blindsight Means for the Neural Correlates of Consciousness Michael Barkasi

31 Integrated Information Theory, Intrinsicality, and Overlapping Conscious Systems James C. Blackmon

54 How Judgments of Visual Resemblance are Induced by Visual Experience Alon Chasid & Alik Pelman

77 A Framework for Evolution and Consciousness: Panpsychism Without Tears? Jonathan C.W. Edwards

102 Influence of Mindfulness on the Processes of Consciousness Measured via Evoked Potentials: A Theoretical Review Javier A. García-Castro

125 Additional Resources for Sparse Theories of Phenomenal Consciousness Christopher F. Masciari

Commentaries on Mark Solms, The Hidden Spring,
with Précis and Reply

148 Editorial Introduction: What Kind of Brain Activity is Sufficient for Consciousness? Logan Trujillo

153 Précis of The Hidden Spring: A Journey to the Source of Consciousness Mark Solms

167 The User-Illusion of Consciousness Daniel C. Dennett

178 Consciousness and Felt Uncertainty Karl J. Friston

190 Is One Spring Enough for a Conscious Stream? Lionel Naccache

203 Comment on The Hidden Spring Thomas Nagel

210 World Models and the Physical Substrates of Consciousness: Hidden Sources of the Stream of Experience? Adam Safron

222 Response to Commentaries Mark Solms


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