Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 27, No. 9-10, September/October 2020

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities


3 About Authors

Refereed Papers

6 Psychedelic Experience and the Narrative Self: An Exploratory Qualitative Study Nicole Amada, Toby Lea, Chris Letheby & Jacob Shane

34 Emotional Consciousness in Autism Sarah Arnaud

60 The Perception of (Musical) Metre Philip Boast

87 Derivatives and Consciousness David Builes

104 Pain Experiences and Their Link to Action: Challenging Imperative Theories Sabrina Coninx

127 The Living Mirror Theory of Consciousness James E. Cooke

148 Consciousness as a Mode of Being Simona Ginsburg & Eva Jablonka

163 A Case for Conservatism about Animal Consciousness Samuel Murray

186 Two Objections to the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness Atle Ottesen Søvik

202 A Multifaceted Approach to Emotional Sharing Gerhard Thonhauser

228 Enigmas of Reason Burton Voorhees

Book Reviews

252 Philip Goff, Galileo’s Error, reviewed by Kristjan Laasik

257 Christof Koch, The Feeling of Life Itself, reviewed by Garrett Mindt

263 Richard Arthur, The Reality of Time Flow, reviewed by Jo Edwards

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