Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 25, No. 1-2, January/February 2018

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

Freeman Neurodynamics:
From Populations of Neurons to Consciousness

Special Issue edited by Hans Liljenström

4 About Authors

8 Editorial Introduction Hans Liljenström

13 Freeman Neurodynamics: The Past 25 Years Steven Bressler, Leslie Kay, Robert Kozma, Hans Liljenström & Giuseppe Vitiello

Shorter Personal Notes

33 Walter Freeman and Some Thoughts on Brain Dynamics Hermann Haken

39 Walter Freeman — I Did It My Way Harald Atmanspacher

45 Walter J. Freeman and the Humanizing Question of Consciousness Bernard J. Baars

Physiological Perspectives

50 The Physiological Foresight in Freeman’s Work: Predictions and Verifications Leslie M. Kay

64 Freeman’s Nonlinear Brain Dynamics and Consciousness Michael Mannino & Steven L. Bressler

89 How Do Cortical Dynamics Organize and Anatomy of Cognition? James J. Wright & Paul D. Bourke

Mathematical and Physical Perspectives

121 Finding Mathematics in Brain Dynamics: Walter Freeman as an Applied Mathematician Ichiro Tsuda

131 Why Do Phase Transitions Matter in Minds? Robert Kozma & Joshua J.J. Davis

151 The Brain and its Mindful Double Giuseppe Vitiello

Perception, Intentionality,
and Consciousness

177 Rethinking Perception Christine A. Skarda

191 The Physiological Basis of Consciousness: A Clinical Ambition and the Insufficiency of Current Philosophical Proposals Paul E. Rapp, David Darmon, Christopher J. Cellucci & David O. Keyser

206 Intentionality as a Driving Force Hans Liljenström

230 Two Open Problems in Consciousness Studies: In Relation to Freeman Neurodynamics Fanji Gu

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