Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 24, No. 3–4, March/April 2017

Journal of Consciousness Studies

controversies in science & the humanities

Time and Consciousness

Special Issue edited by Sean Enda Power

4      About Authors

7      Introduction                                                          Sean Enda Power

14      Experience and the Pacemaker-Accumulator Model                                                  Valtteri Arstila

37      A Typology of Altered States According to the Consciousness State Space Model  Aviva Berkovich-Ohana & Marc Wittmann

62      Disrupted Continuity of Subjective Time in the Milliseconds Range in the Self-Disturbances of Schizophrenia                                             Anne Giersch & Aaron Mishara

88      On the View that We Cannot Perceive Movement and Change                                  Christoph Hoerl

103      The Validation of Consciousness Meters: The Idiosyncratic and Intransitive Sequence of Conscious Levels     A. Latham, C. Ellis, L.-C. Chan & D. Braddon-Mitchell

112      The Arrow of Mind                                             Robin Le Poidevin

127      A Psycho-Phenomenal Account of the Self                    Jane Loo

149      Time Passages                                                              Kristie Miller

177      Time Consciousness in a Computational Mind/Brain                                                                            Virginie van Wassenhove

203      On Time, Causation, and the Sense of Agency       Matti Vuorre

Book Reviews

216      Harald Atmanspacher & Ulrich Müller-Herold,                    From Chemistry to Consciousness:  A Legacy to Hans Primas                                                                        Takuya F. Sagawa

223      Deepak Chopra & Menas Kafatos,           You are the Universe                                                                                                            Wolfgang Baer

227      Andy Clark,  Surfing Uncertainty        John Martin Fischer & Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin,                    Near-Death Experiences                                                                                                      Chris Nunn

230      W.J. Mander & Stamatoula Panagakou (eds.),

British Idealism and the Concept of the Self                 Alastair Beattie

236      Norman Sieroka,                    Leibniz, Husserl and the Brain                                                                         Jo Edwards

241      Books Received