Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 23, No. 9-10, September/October 2016

Journal of Consciousness Studies

controversies in science & the humanities

4      About Authors

Refereed Papers

7      The Evolutionary Origins of Consciousness: Suggesting a Transition Marker

                                                                       Zohar Z. Bronfman, Simona Ginsburg & Eva Jablonka

35      Conscious vs. Unconscious: In Defence of the Former                  Rowdy Bryant

50      ‘What it is Like’ Talk is not Technical Talk                                      Jonathan Farrell

66      Attention and Aesthetic Experience                                                  Peter Fazekas

88      Taking Time Seriously in Tononi’s Integrated Information Theory        Tam Hunt

111      Avoiding Perennial Mind–Body Problems                                       Mostyn W. Jones

134      The Psychophysics of the Chevreul Hand-Held Pendulum         R.S. Kaushal

153      Clearing the Logjam in Astrological Research                               Kenneth McRitchie

180      Russellian Physicalism, Bare Structure, and Swapped Inscrutables    Kevin Morris

199      Occurrent-State Metacognitive Reasoning as the Function of Perceptual Consciousness

                                                                                                                                 George Seli

Conference Report

226      All Roads Lead to Consciousness: The Science of Consciousness, Tucson 2016

                                                                        Logan T. Trujillo

Opinion Piece

250      Science and Consciousness Just Wed — Should this Union Be Annulled?         Jonathan Bricklin

Wit and Wisdom

254      Word Play                                          Ed Subitzky

Book Reviews

256      Georg Northoff,                    Neuro-philosophy and the Healthy Mind            Jo Edwards

262      Evan Thompson,                    Waking, Dreaming, Being                                 Gregory Nixon

267      Jimena Canales,                    The Physicist and the Philosopher                        Chris Nunn

272      Books Received

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