Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 23, No. 7-8, July/August 2016


Journal of Consciousness Studies

controversies in science & the humanities



Special Issue edited by Mattia Riccardi and Frank Larøi

4      About Authors

9      Editorial Introduction                                             Mattia Riccardi                                                                                                     & Frank Larøi

23      Perceptual Acquaintance and the Seeming Relationality of Hallucinations            Fabian Dorsch

65      Hallucination as Mental Imagery                             Bence Nanay

82      Toward a Unified Account of Hallucinations        Jérôme Dokic

100      Counterfeiting Perceptual Experience: Scepticism, Internalism, and the Disjunctive Conception of Experience                                                                                 Tommaso Piazza

132      The Stream of Hallucinatory Consciousness: When Thoughts Become Like Voices   Andrea Raballo

144      Hallucinations: Toward a Dialogue between Phenomenology and Brain Imaging Research?     Raoul Belzeaux, Michel Cermolacce & Renaud Jardri

163      Auditory Verbal Hallucinations: Social, but how?  Ben Alderson-Day & Charles Fernyhough                                                                                                          

195      How Can We See Things That Are Not There? Current Insights into Complex Visual Hallucinations                                                                            Daniel Collerton et alii

 Regular Refereed Papers

228      Consciousness and Neural Force Fields                   B.I.B. Lindahl                                                                                                    & Peter Århem

254      Husserlian Phenomenological Description and the Problem of Describing Intersubjectivity   Heath  Williams

Opinion Piece

278      A Riddle Written on the Brain                        Nicholas Humphrey


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