Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 23, No. 5–6, May/June 2016

Journal of Consciousness Studies

controversies in science & the humanities

The Sensorimotor Approach

Special Issue edited by David Silverman and Jan Degenaar

4      About Authors

7      Perception, Consciousness, and Skilful Interaction: Editorial Introduction        David Silverman

Part I: Sensorimotor Theories of Perception and Consciousness

12      Hurley’s Transcendental Enactivism                           Dave Ward

39      How the Sensorimotor Approach to Consciousness Bridges Both Comparative and Absolute Explanatory Gaps                 J. Kevin O’Regan

66      Sensations and Situations: A Sensorimotor Integrationist Approach                    Alva Noë

Part II: The Hard Problem

80      Perception as Something We Do                                      Erik Myin

105      The Interdependence of Embodied Cognition and Consciousness                     Julian Kiverstein

Part III: Implementing Sensorimotor Mastery

138      Sensorimotor Empathy                                       Anthony Chemero

153      Counterfactuals versus Constraints:  Towards an Implementation Theory of Sensorimotor Mastery                     Martin Flament-Fultot


177      The Sensorimotor Account of Sensory Consciousness: Implications for Machine Consciousness                   Alexander Maye & Andreas K. Engel

Part IV: The Social World

203      Mastering Sociocultural Contingencies: On Extending the Sensorimotor Theory to the Domain of Culture                               Martin Weichold

228      Participatory Object Perception                        Ezequiel Di Paolo

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