Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 23, No. 3–4, March/April 2016

Journal of Consciousness Studies

controversies in science & the humanities

4      About Authors

Refereed Papers

8      Husserl’s ‘Pairing’ Relation and the Role of Others in Infant Perception                    Susan Bredlau

31      Imagination and Belief: The Microtheories Model of Hypothetical Thinking            Jeanette Bicknell

50      The Phenomenology of Psychopathological Embodiment: A Critique of Thomas Fuchs’ Concept of Corporealization                                          Anthony Vincent Fernandez

76      Precognition: The Only Form of Psi?  Sonali Bhatt Marwaha & Edwin C. May                                                                                                 

101      Dimensions of Reliability in Phenomenal Judgment                                   Brentyn J. Ramm

128      The Subjective Perspective in Introspection                                                 Léa Salje

146      Place Cells and Human Consciousness: A Force-Dynamic Account                    Kurt Stocker

166      Bifactualism: A New Physicalist Response to the Knowledge Argument         Danielle Swanepoel

191      Reissner’s Fibre: A Forgotten Pathway for Exploring Consciousness                     Lawrence Wile

212      The Fallacy of Favouring Gradual Replacement Mind Uploading Over Scan-and-Copy   Keith B. Wiley & Randal A. Koene


Ongoing Debate

236      Response to Fernandez, ‘The Phenomenology  of Psychopathological Embodiment’     Thomas Fuchs

245      A Response to Our Theatre Critics                J. Allan Hobson                                                                                                              & Karl J. Friston

Annual Essay Prize Winner, Centre for Philosophical Psychology, University of Antwerp (2016)

255      Iconicity and the Format of Perception           Jake Quilty-Dunn

Wit and Wisdom

264      The Reader                                                                       Ed Subitzky


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