Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 23, No. 11-12, November/December 2016

Journal of Consciousness Studies

controversies in science & the humanities



Special Issue edited by Keith Frankish

4      About Authors

9      Editorial Introduction                                               Keith Frankish

Target Article

11      Illusionism as a Theory of Consciousness            Keith Frankish


40      Illusionism’s Discontent                                            Katalin Balog

52      Delusions of Consciousness                                Susan Blackmore

65      Illusionism as the Obvious Default                    Theory of Consciousness       Daniel C. Dennett

73      Illusionism and Givenness                                       Jay L. Garfield

83      Is Realism about Consciousness Compatible with a Scientifically Respectable Worldview?

Philip Goff

98      Consciousness Engineered                         Michael S.A. Graziano

116      Redder than Red:Illusionism or Phenomenal Surrealism?                             Nicholas Humphrey

124      The Hardest Aspect of the Illusion Problem — and How to Solve it               François Kammerer

140      Meta-Illusionism and Qualia Quietism                      Pete Mandik

149      A Split-Brain Perspective on Illusionism    Nicole L. Marinsek &                                                                                     Michaeal S. Gazzaniga

160      The Illusion of Illusionism                         Martine Nida-Rümelin

172      Illusionism and Anti-Functionalism about Phenomenal Consciousness                 Derk Pereboom

186      Against Illusionism                                                           Jesse Prinz

197      Taking Consciousness Seriously —  as an Illusion                                              Georges Rey

215      Illusionism and the Epistemological Problems Facing Phenomenal Realism                 Amber Ross

224      Phenomenal Consciousness, Defined and Defended as Innocently as I Can Manage

Eric Schwitzgebel

236      What is at Stake in Illusionism?                           James Tartaglia

Reply to Commentators

256      Not Disillusioned: Reply to Commentators          Keith Frankish

Annual Index

290      Index of Titles 2016

294      Index of Names 2016

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