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Little more than a decade ago the word ‘sortition’ (random selection by lot) went largely unrecognised in social science and humanities departments, other than classics. Fast forward to 2023 and a Google search for (randomly-selected) ‘citizens’ assembly’ generates over 200 million results.

The selection of political officials by lot, a procedure largely ignored since the eighteenth century, has undergone a recent revival, as reformers search for new innovations to re-invigorate democracy. Imprint Academic has been publishing books on sortition for nearly twenty years, helping to further study in this field, and increase the reputation of sortition studies in academic circles. By publishing the work of specialists in the field, we strive to share provocative, but balanced, research on the study of citizens’ assemblies. This is reflected in the variety of edited volumes we have published, such as: Sortition: Theory and Practice (2010); Sortition and Democracy (2020) and Against Sortition? (2024). 

Our upcoming journal, the Journal of Sortition, is dedicated to the exploration of all aspects of sortition, particularly (but not necessarily) as a contribution to democratic reform. The journal welcomes contributions from all sides of the debate – including sceptical voices. Above all, it seeks to clarify the role of sortition in public life, in full recognition of both its virtues and its limitations. 

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Imprint Academic has been publishing books on sortition, otherwise known as citizens' assemblies, for nearly twenty years. In this hub, you can find all of our products and content related to sortition.