So-called Alternative Medicine

Edzard Ernst

So-called alternative medicine (SCAM) is popular and therefore important. This book was written by someone who received SCAM as a patient, practised  it as a doctor, and researched it as a scientist. It provides an insider’s perspective by covering aspects of SCAM which most other books avoid.

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Published 1st June 2018

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So-called alternative medicine (SCAM) is popular and therefore important, no matter whether we love or loathe it. Consequently, an impressive number of books about SCAM are already available. Most of them, however, are woefully uncritical, overtly promotional and dangerously misleading.

Not so this one!

This book was written by someone who received SCAM as a patient, practised SCAM as a doctor, and researched SCAM as a scientist. It provides an insider’s perspective by covering aspects of SCAM which most other books avoid, and by questioning the many tacitly accepted assumptions and wild extrapolations that underpin SCAM. The text is factual, occasionally dosed with a touch of humour or satire. The aim is not only to inform but also to entertain.

It is written principally for members of the general public who have an interest in healthcare and are tired of the promotional counter-knowledge produced by SCAM enthusiasts. It is an exercise in critical thinking that might prevent you from wasting your money on (or endangering your health with) bogus treatments.

5 reviews for SCAM

  1. Loretta Marron, Friends of Science Medicine, Australia

    “Emeritus Professor Ernst is the world’s number one authority on AltMed. He is a dedicated academic physician, researcher and blogger… His new book SCAM: So-Called Alternative Medicine is his journey through AltMed: what it is and why it is growing… If you’re a skeptic and/or a medical or science researcher, it’s a must.”

  2. Scott Gavura, Science Based Medicine

    “If you’re interested in the role of science in medicine, and on how to sort out good from bad when it comes to health and healthcare decision-making, Ernst’s book is highly recommended.”

  3. Nick Ross

    “To the dismay of honest fools and the disdain of manipulative charlatans, Ernst’s new name for quackery will stick.”

  4. Dr Michael Baum, Oncologist University College London

    Why was something so utterly and absurdly irrational, so popular amongst the comfortably off middle classes in the UK, Europe, the USA and the Antipodes? That question is addressed and answered in this brilliant, easy to read and entertaining book by Professor Ernst.

  5. Kendrick Frazier, The Skeptical Inquirer

    “Edzard Ernst may well be the most knowledgeable person in the world about so-called alternative medicine (SCAM). His voluminous published studies and writings examining its dubious claims demolish their validity and deserve our utmost consideration and attention. We welcome this latest book.”

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