New Labour’s Old Roots


Fully updated and revised edition of New Labour’s Old Roots.

Patrick Diamond



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The New Labour project was not conjured up out of thin air — it only looks that way because of the party’s amnesia about the intellectual roots and political traditions which have guided it. This book provides extracts from fifteen thinkers and politicians located within the revisionist tradition as an antidote to that amnesia. It is an ‘all star cast’ from R.H. Tawney, Hugh Gaitskell and Anthony Crosland to Roy Hattersley, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. The collection demonstrates that Labour’s revisionism is not a rigid body of doctrine but a ‘cast of mind’ that distinguishes between core values (ends) and policy instruments (means) — revisionist thinkers are engaged in the continuous pursuit of policy innovation, never shrinking from abandoning policies that fail to achieve the desired ends. All successful Labour governments have been determined to avoid the confusion of means and ends. These essays show a determination throughout the party’s history to debate and discuss political ideas in the cause of a fairer, more equal society. Fully updated and revised edition.


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