The Blind Guardians of Ignorance


Politicians, business leaders, and sustainability experts have assumed that market forces will drive the transformation to sustainability. This book explains in clear language why this view is wrong and what we need to do to prepare for the future of humanity. Governments will have a key role to play in this process, and they need a wake-up call.

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250 pages

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The Covid-19 pandemic is not the last surprise that awaits present generations. In 2020 people across the globe realized that governments have failed to prepare even for highly probable challenges that had been predicted by experts for decades. Nobody has developed the large-scale solutions that Greta Thunberg and others ask for. Instead leaders have assumed that market forces will drive the transformation to e-mobility and a sustainable society. Very little has been done to develop the comprehensive systems that are needed to replace present production and distribution operations.

Covid-19 has shown us that wide-ranging measures and large investments are needed to prepare for extensive upcoming challenges. The transformation to sustainability involves large-scale transformation reminiscent of the greatest achievements of development ever performed by mankind. Few decision makers are conscious of the measures that need to be taken to make the global economy sustainable and resilient. Can globalization continue or do countries need to build an entirely new type of economy?

£14.95 Paperback

250 pages


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