Journal of Consciousness Studies Vol. 22, No. 7–8 – TOC


Vol. 22, No. 7–8, July/August 2015

4     About Authors

Commentaries on Neil Levy, Consciousness and Moral Responsibility, with Précis and Reply

7     Précis of Consciousness and Moral Responsibility          Gregg D.

26     Some Doubts About the Consciousness
Requirement for Moral Responsibility         Philip Robichaud

37     Acting from the Gut:
Responsibility Without Awareness              Chandra Sripada

49     If Consciousness is Necessary for Moral
Responsibility, then People are Less
Responsible than We Think                          Gregg D. Caruso

61     Defending the Consciousness Thesis:
A Response to Robichaud, Sripada, & Caruso         Neil Levy

Regular Refereed Papers

77     Self-Invention, Narrative, & Art: A Radical                   Gianluca
Evolutionary Hypothesis on the Narrative Self           Consoli

103     Presentational Character
& Higher-Order Thoughts                               Joseph Gottlieb

124     Advancing the Overflow Debate                         Bradley Richards

145     The Disrupted ‘We’: Schizophrenia               Alessandro Salice &
& Collective Intentionality                    Mads Gram Henriksen

172     A Simple Technique to Record Mental Events         Gopal Sarma

183     The Enactivist Self: Virtual or Autonomous?    Vishnu Sridharan

201     Advaita Vedānta & the Mind Extension             Anand Vaidya &
Hypothesis: Panpsychism & Perception               P. Bilimoria



Conference Report

226     So It Was Microtubules After All? Conference
Report: Towards a Science of Conscoisuness,          Jonathan
Helsinki 2015                                                    C.W. Edwards


233     Open Mind: An Open Access Collection of      Thomas Metzinger
Research on Mind, Brain, & Consciousness  & Jennifer Windt

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