Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 23, No. 1–2, January/February 2016

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

A New Approach to Studies of the Self: Its Development, Function, and Relation to Consciousness

Special Issue edited by Nini Praetorius and Simon Høffding

4      About Authors

8      Editorial Introduction                                                     Nini Praetorius

Part 1: Target Papers by Spiritual Masters

14      Experience, Self, and Individual Consciousness      A.H. Almaas

32      Adyashanti’s Teaching on the No-Self Experience Nini Praetorius on behalf of Adyashanti

45      From the Egoic Mind to the Mind of the Heart:      The Teaching and Lived Experience of the Christian Contemplative Path                                          Cynthia Bourgeault

58      The Experience of Self/No-Self in Aikido                  Christopher Curtis Sensei

69      Embodying Your Realization: Psychological Work in the Service of Spiritual Development
John Welwood

80      What is Self? A Research Paper                                   Bernadette Roberts

Part 2: Academic Papers

94      What is Enlightenment (and what’s in it for me)?   Shaun Gallagher

105      (Re-)Constructing the Self                                     Matthew MacKenzie

125      Narrative Bypassing                                                Galen Strawson

140      The Non-plurality of the ‘I’: On the Question of the Ultimate Subject of Experience
Wolfgang Fasching

158      The First-Person Perspective and Beyond: Commentary on Almaas
                                                                                                   Simon Høffding & Joel Krueger

179      Psychoanalysis and the Question of Self: A Dialogue with Spiritual Traditions
Gunnar Karlsson

196      ‘Selving’ and Union                                                   Iain McGilchrist

214      Self Before Self: On the Scenic Mode of Early Embodied Self
Johannes Lehtonen

237      Structure and Openness in the Development of Self in Infancy
Nicole Rossmanith & Vasudevi Reddy

258      The Spiritual Nature of the Infant Self: An Imaginative Actor in Relations of Affection
Colwyn Trevarthen

283      The Co-Essential Self                                               John McGraw



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