JCS Vol. 22, No. 11–12, November/December 2015 Table of Contents

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities

Insights into the First-Person Perspective and the Self: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Special Issue edited by Mihretu P. Guta and Sophie Gibb

4      About Authors

8      Editorial Introduction                                             Mihretu P. Guta

Part One: Selfhood/Personhood and the First Person

20      Self, Bodies, and Self-Reference: Reflections on Jonathan Lowe’s Non-Cartesian Dualism

                                                                                                                 José Luis  Bermúdez

43      The Inevitable Implausibility of Physical Determinism   Richard Swinburne

60      The Metaphysics and Anti-Metaphysics of the Self          Andy Hamilton

84      What Does it Mean to Say That We Are Animals?            Eric Olson

108      Plenitude, Pluralism, and Neo-Lockean Persons              Harold Noonan

132      Rationality and the First Person                                           Olley Pearson

149      Is ‘the First Person’ a Linguistic Concept Essentially?    Wolfram Hinzen & Kristen Schroeder

Part Two: First-Person Perspectives

180      Autism and ‘I’                                                                                       Lynne Rudder Baker

194      First-Person and Third-Person Perspectives and Autism          Angela J. Guta

218      Consciousness, First-Person Perspective, and Neuroimaging   Mihretu P. Guta

246      Thought Insertion Clarified                                                      Matthew Ratcliffe  & Sam Wilkinson

270      M-Autonomy                                                                                        Thomas Metzinger

Annual Index

303      Index of Titles 2015

307      Index of Names 2015

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