Submitting Papers and Books for Review

Articles for Publication

Contributions should be submitted by email as attached files (saved in Word, or in Rich Text Format, or as PDF). Any figures/tables should be included in the file itself and not sent separately. Anonymised submissions are now mandatory so please fully blind your papers before submitting by email. A short 150 word summary should accompany each submission (placed at the beginning of the paper). Articles should not exceed 9,000 words (including abstract, footnotes, references, etc.). Please include a short CV/bio paragraph for the ‘about authors’ section.

They should be submitted to the Managing Editor:
Graham Horswell graham@imprint.co.uk

If a paper is accepted for publication following external peer review, we offer a standard ‘subcription only’ route with no charge to authors, or a ‘gold open access’ option which requires the payment of a fee. Please see the following page for details: Open Access Information

Style Sheet and Guide to Authors

A Multidisciplinary Journal

The Journal of Consciousness Studies is a refereed journal aimed at an educated multidisciplinary readership. Authors should not assume prior knowledge in a subject speciality and should provide background information for their research. The use of technical terms should be avoided or made explicit. Where technical details are essential (for example in laboratory experiments), try and include them in footnotes or appendices, leaving the text accessible to the non-specialist reader. The same principle should also apply to mathematics, unless essential to an argument.

Quotations, Footnotes, References and Bibliographies

Please follow the Harvard referencing system. See our examples page: JCS Referencing (you must also include DOI numbers where available).

Quotations of more than six lines should be indented. For shorter quotations use single inverted commas. All references should appear in the bibliography. Use square brackets for interpolations; use three dots to indicate the omission of material within a quotation. Original spelling and punctuation should be retained unless otherwise stated.

Publishing Ethics Guidelines

Please see the following page for details regarding publication ethics, including declarations of interest, authorship issues, data sharing, etc. Publishing Ethics

AI Content

Please see our policy statement here: AI Policy.

Books for Review

These should be sent to the Book Reviews Editor:
Jonathan C.W. Edwards
46 Park Drive
NW11 7SP

Advertising and Subscription Enquiries

These should be sent to the publishers:

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