Embracing the Noncommutative Consciousness Revolution

Drew Hempel, MA
EcoEcho, 2024

Summary: We live in an accelerating “high technology” globalized culture, yet it is
too often ignored that mathematics is the structural drive of our technological
innovations. Since consciousness has remained the untouched last unconquered
territory of science then we should recognize it as the inextricably interwoven
dynamic of our externalized technological destruction: Namely the ecological
crisis now focusing on abrupt global warming. Noncommutative mathematics is
the form of a nonlocal dynamic as formless awareness or consciousness of reality.
All modern science has been based on commutative geometry and thus our
current ecological crisis is from also our misunderstanding of consciousness.
Nonwestern science as internal alchemy is based on noncommutativity. We can
embrace our original truth of humanity by practicing noncommutativity as
nonwestern meditation training.
Currently we are told by society to embrace S.T.E.M. training in order to find a
career and to help humanity advance – such is our era of “high technology” with
the hope of solving our increasingly obviously ecological crisis. What is not
recognized though is that modern science, based on commutative geometry, not
only caused this ecological crisis but also covered up our true foundation of reality
in formless awareness as consciousness. Ancient religions recognized a dynamic
to consciousness that is a mind-body harmonization process via spirit and now a
few scientists have realized this foundation of reality is also the same as
noncommutativity. For example, Eddie Oshins worked as a physicist at Stanford
Linear Accelerator Center for his focus on noncommutativity as the truth of
“neigong” aka internal martial arts training as alchemy. Oshins presented several
papers to his colleagues, along with having a book chapter published, based on
reinventing psychology as the study of noncommutativity as consciousness. He
collaborated with math professor Louis Kauffman on this mind-body integration
dynamic as noncommutativity as well.
More recently quantum physics Professor Basil J. Hiley in his 2022 book chapter
on quantum consciousness, coauthored with a neuroscience professor, argues
that quantum biology up till now has been incorrect! Hiley emphasizes
noncommutativity as the truth of a nonlocal process that is formless awareness –
a novel new force or type of energy-information that is “active information”
guiding matter from the future! I have corresponded several times with Professor
Hiley, starting some five years ago – and he continues to collaborate with
experimental physics Professor Robert Flack, on demonstrating this nonlocal
noncommutative dynamic of reality. Hiley had been the collaborator of David
Bohm but few scientists realize that Hiley has proven the Bohmian model of
reality is noncommutativity as nonlocality.
The oldest philosophy of India, the “three gunas,” is also based on
noncommutativity as with the yin-yang Taiji emptiness of Daoism. And so, the 12
interdependent origination causes in Buddhism have been tied to Samkhya and
Daoism in Mahayana Buddhism, as explained by the Ch’an Master and Professor
Nan, Huai-jin. And when we study our original human culture, the San Bushmen
of Africa, who split from the “pygmies” – some 225,000 years ago – we find the
same noncommutative spiritual training culture as the focus of humanity with the
result being a “harmless” culture as Dr. Elizabeth Marshall-Thomas titled her
classic book on the San Bushmen.
It is the focus on music, as Professor Jerome Lewis has analyzed, that truly reveals
this ancient pre-linguistic, dynamic of healing energy culture. Fields Medal math
professor Alain Connes in his “Music of Shapes” lecture (and similar papers) has
revealed how the truth of music is noncommutativity as nonlocality. I personally
had discovered this same truth of music from my private music training in
Minneapolis starting at age five – something I had called “complementary
opposites” of music. Dr. John Beaulieu who created Biosonics corroborated that
indeed the basic truth of music is also the truth of the nonwestern meditation
healing energy.
So, to finish my master’s degree at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, in 2000, I
underwent intensive qigong meditation training from a spiritual yoga master
healer named Chunyi Lin or Spring Forest Qigong – he was teaching through the
community college at the time. Sure enough, at age 29 I saw ghosts! I also
experienced what quantum biology has now described as this nonlocal
foundation of perception – I smelled cancer in someone else as rotting flesh! The
qigong master corroborated my experiences – without me having told him first!
“You see spirits killing people. You smell burning, rotten flesh. Then you heal, you
pull sickness out. You heal, heal, heal. Then you live” as a Bushmen quote from
the book Healing Makes the Heart Happy corroborated that indeed I had achieved
the truth of reality of our original human culture! Only Dr. Brad Keeney is
accepted as an “owner of N/om” healer as an outsider by the San Bushmen
original human culture.
And so, Nobel Physicist Roger Penrose has pointed out that gravitational entropy
is the opposite of the entropy of matter. Modern science based on commutative
geometry in the attempt to decrease the entropy of matter via technology has
been increasing gravitational entropy on Earth as our ecological crisis. Penrose
explains that gravitational potential energy originates from noncommutativity as
negentropic nonlocality that is precognitive formless awareness aka
Professor Basil J. Hiley explained to his colleague Penrose that due to
noncommutativity there is no need for any collapse of the wavefunction
“quantum measurement” paradox since noncommutativity can maintain quantum
coherence into the macroscale – but this is achieved through the ancient
nonwestern meditation practices originated from the simple yet powerful truth of
music before language.

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