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Is Subjectless Consciousness Possible?

24th May 2024

Christian Coseru[1] Introduction An Outline of the Contributions In ‘The Impossibility of Subjectless Experience’, Galen Strawson sets the scope for the special issue by clarifying the key concepts of subject and subjectivity, the difference between metaphysical and phenomenological conceptions of the subject, and whether the subject of experience can be conceived as something distinct from…

Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 31, No. 5 – 6, May/June 2024

24th May 2024

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities Is Subjectless Consciousness Possible? Special Issue edited by Christian Coseru 3 About Authors 6 Introduction: Is Subjectless Consciousness Possible? Christian Coseru 26 The Impossibility of Subjectless Experience Galen Strawson 37 Minimal Subjectivity and Reflexive Awareness Matthew MacKenzie 62 Can There Be Something it is Like to…

The Irrelevance of the Mind-Body Problem to Human Behaviour

24th May 2024

Summary In this article I argue that the mind-body problem, despite appearances, is not relevant to providing coherent accounts of human behaviour. For the purpose of giving adequate causal explanations of human behaviour, there is no need to resort to the distinction between mind and body, and no need to become involved in the difficulties…

New Course: The New Science of Plant Intelligence

15th April 2024

Join us for a thought-provoking exploration that promises to change how you view the natural world. Planta Sapiens: The New Science of Plant Intelligence   By Prof. Paco Calvo, director of MINT Lab Tue, 6/18-7/2.  5:00-6:00 PM CEST   Quick overview This course invites participants to embark on a transformative journey into the…

Sentientism Still Under Threat

28th March 2024

François Kammerer[1]   Reply to Dung Abstract: In ‘Ethics Without Sentience: Facing Up to the Probable Insignificance of Phenomenal Consciousness’ (Kammerer, 2022), I argued that phenomenal consciousness is probably normatively insignificant, and does not play a significant normative role. In ‘Preserving the Normative Significance of Sentience’ (Dung, 2024), Leonard Dung challenges my reasoning and defends…

Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 31, No. 3 – 4, March/April 2024

28th March 2024

Journal of Consciousness Studies: Controversies in science & the humanities 3 About Authors Refereed Papers 6 The Phenomenology of ChatGPT: A Semiotics, Thomas Byrne 28 The Nested States Model: An Empirical Framework for Integrating Brain and Mind, George H. Denfield & Evan J. Kyzar 56 How Exactly Does Panpsychism Help Explain Consciousness?, Philip Goff 83…

Ivo Mosley: Author and Poetry Editor of the Journal of Consciousness Studies

22nd March 2024

We are sad to hear of the passing of one of our authors and editors, Ivo Mosley. This obituary in The Telegraph pays tribute to the life, career, and artistry of Mosley, and we would like to highlight some sections that reflect his relationship with Imprint Academic:   ‘Ivo Mosley recalled growing up with “a…

Triple Definition or Explanation of Consciousness

22nd February 2024

Xinyan Zhang Abstract: A system is described ontologically, epistemologically, and semantically in this paper, with matter, energy and lives as its components, and with all its components defined as changes, which might be useful for us to define or explain consciouness. Keywords: consciousness; definition; epistemology; explanation; life; mind; ontology; semantics Main text: Introduction It…

Embracing the Noncommutative Consciousness Revolution

14th February 2024

Drew Hempel, MA EcoEcho, 2024 Summary: We live in an accelerating “high technology” globalized culture, yet it is too often ignored that mathematics is the structural drive of our technological innovations. Since consciousness has remained the untouched last unconquered territory of science then we should recognize it as the inextricably interwoven dynamic of our externalized…

Table of Contents – JCS Vol. 31, No. 1 – 2, January/February 2024

26th January 2024

Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities 4 About Authors Refereed Papers 8 Preserving the Normative Significance of Sentience Leonard Dung 31 Measuring Phenomenal Consciousness in Delirium: The New Black Eamonn Eeles, Andrew Teodorczuk & Nadeeka Dissanayaka 51 A Simple, Testable Mind–Body Solution? Mostyn Jones 76 Introspection in Emotion Research: Challenges and Insights…