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Acting from the Gut

Responsibility Without Awareness Chandra Sripada   1. Introduction It is widely agreed that to be morally responsible for an action, a person must satisfy certain epistemic requirements, and it is useful to divide these requirements into two parts. The first part addresses the question of what must be known (or at least sincerely believed; following the usage in this literature, …

Open Mind

Thomas Metzinger and Jennifer Windt Open Mind An Open Access Collection of Research on Mind, Brain, and Consciousness The Open Mind project is an unusual and innovative way to celebrate the more than 10 years of existence of the Mind Group at Mainz University. Instead of organizing a one-off event, such as a confer­ence, we edited a collection of articles …

So It Was Microtubules After All?

Jonathan C.W. Edwards So It Was Microtubules After All? Conference Report: Towards a Science of Consciousness, Helsinki 2015 I will start with some whingeing, but then rapidly move on to the good bits and finally to the very good bits. Despite the admirable efforts and warm hospitality of Paavo Pylkkänen, Stuart Hameroff, and the organizing team, by the end of …

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