Announcement for grant 2018

The Helene Reeder Fund is pleased to announce the availability of grants for small and medium sized scientific research projects concerning the question of Life after Death.
Grants will be awarded in the range of EUR 500 – 5000 maximum.

The topic Research into Life after Death should constitute the main objective of the project.

Applications in English to be submitted by email to the HRF, Edgar Müller, should include:

– detailed description of the project, including the objectives of the project,
– methodology,
– cost budget,
– timetable,
– plans to publish the results in some scientific journals,
– CV of the applicant,
– how the applicant plans to report back to the HRF about progress and result,
– any other financing than from HRF.

Applications should be received not later than 15th of October 2018. It is the intention of the HRF to evaluate the applications and to make decision regarding the grants before the end of December. Applicants will be notified by email after the decision and the grants will be payable during December.

For further information, please apply to the above email address.

Stockholm, May 2018

The Helene Reeder Memorial Fund
for Research into Life after Death, HRF.

Edgar E. Müller

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