The story

Imprint Academic was founded in 1980 in order to publish the journal History of Political Thought (HPT) for the politics department at Exeter University. At the time there was no multi-disciplinary forum for this subject area, but ten years later the journal was ranked 2nd out of 135 political science journals (judged on its own merits by its readers) in a Political Studies Association peer review (Norris and Crewe, 1993). More recently HPT was nominated as one of the top 100 Journals of the Century by subject-specialist librarians in the field of politics and international relations (Nisonger, 2008).

In 1994 Imprint Academic launched the Journal of Consciousness Studies (JCS), at a time when the very mention of the word ‘consciousness’ still sent eyeballs rolling to the ceiling. But a review of new journals in Nature concluded the following year that ‘there is no other journal quite like it, and one day we shall look back to its appearance as a defining moment.’ (Gray, 1995). In 2025 Imprint Academic are launching the Journal of Sortition, and we look forward to another defining moment.

The company also publishes a series of books in related domains, along with Societas, a series of short essays in political and cultural criticism and a general trade imprint, Amphora Press.

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Imprint Digital

Imprint Academic’s sister company, ImprintDigital, is a book printing company producing paperback and hardback books. All hardback books are thread-sewn as standard and from just 10 copies. We also have a trade binding arm for all commercial book binding UK Book Binders

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