Paradigm Shift


How expert opinions keep changing on life, the universe and everything.

Martin Cohen


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This book offers vital clues for understanding not only the way knowledge develops, but also into the dangers of accepting too readily or too uncritically the claims of experts of all kinds — even philosophical ones! The claims are invariably presented as objective fact, yet are rooted in human subjectivity.

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    “Challenges us to take an active part in questioning, or enforcing, current
    paradigms” –Perig Gouanvic

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    “Science Men are always right. Even when they are in the middle of changing
    their opinions, they are always right. They are like foxes, which always
    have multiple ways in and out of their sets”.

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    “Plausible misinformation is passed down to each generation in our efforts
    to explain everything. The greatest error is to confuse fact with theory or
    science with omniscience.”

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    In his new book, philosopher Martin Cohen warns of the risks we run in
    accepting too readily the claims of experts of all kinds²

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    At its heart, Paradigm Shift is all about embracing debate and thinking
    outside the box.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Cohen, unclubbable philosopher and devout sceptic, specialises in free-range skewering of solemnly intoned bullshit. In this glinty-eyed grab-bag of variably digestible disquisitions on H1N1 vaccines, God particles, Ben Goldacre’s awards shelf, not-so-jolly climate change hockey sticks and philosophers’ star signs, his gadfly jibes serve serious ends. Bestow on your favourite contrarian.

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