Get Over Yourself: Nietzsche for our times


By Patrick West

What would Nietzsche make of us?

What would he think of our 21st century digital age?

How would he respond to therapy culture, ‘dumbing down’ and identity politics?

Paperback 120 pages


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Many books have sought to introduce the writings of the infamous and influential philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, but Get Over Yourself puts matters the other way round. Rather than simply explaining his thought, it instead asks: what would Nietzsche make of us? What would he think of our 21st-century, digital age? In our time of identity politics, therapy culture, ‘safe spaces’, religious fundamentalism, virtue-signalling, Twitterstorms, public emoting, ‘dumbing-down’, digital addiction and the politics of envy, the book introduces Nietzsche by putting the man in our shoes. Get Over Yourself both uses Nietzsche’s philosophy to understand our society, and takes our society to explain his philosophy.

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    5 out of 5

    “What Get Over Yourself makes clear is that no matter how violently one may disagree with Nietzsche’s pronouncements and conclusions, his exhortations to question everything, to strive to go beyond oneself, to be fearless in thought and deed remain vital in an era of staid conformism, righteous indignation and self-regard.”

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    The book shows how he can act as a tonic and inspiration to live our lives to the full and without fear.

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