JCS Referencing Examples

Examples are given here for ease of reference:

References to books:

Jantsch, E. (1980) The Self-Organizing Universe, Oxford: Pergamon.

References to articles:

Black, A. (1993) The juristic origins of social contract theory, History of Political Thought, 16 (4), pp. 157-176.

Other references of use:

Book with an editor

Noe, A. & Thompson, E. (eds.) (2002) Vision and Mind, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Chapter in a book

Grice, H.P. (2002) Some remarks about the senses, in Noe, A. & Thompson, E. (eds.) Vision and Mind, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Conference papers

Jenkins, H. (2008) A catch-22: Psi and explanation, The Parapsychological Association 51st Annual Convention – Conference Proceedings, Winchester, pp 97-110.

Newspaper articles

Cumming, F. (1999) Tax-free savings push, Sunday Mail, 4 April, pp. 1-2.

Internet resource

Young, C. (2001) English Heritage Position Statement on the Valletta Convention, [Online], http://www.archaeol.freeuk.com/EHPositionStatement.htm [24 Aug 2001].


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  1. I am a retired Cambridge biochemist with a Ph.D. in applied neuroscience (art and the brain) with a special interest in consciousness
    I have been working alone for over 20 years on what I regard as a plausible neuro biological theory of consciousness but I need to be able to discuss it with an interested scholar.
    I hope to send you a manuscript for review. I suffer from having very few experts capable of criticising my theory. Perhaps you could suggest someone?
    Title of proposed paper
    “The Neural Action Monitor: Consciousness and its Evolution”

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